Scriptures about Healing, Peace & Fear

This past April I went through a breakup that brought me to my counsellor's office. I was completely broken, numb, and had no concept of self. It wasn't just the breakup that brought this on, though, it was a build up of years of trauma. I started recovering from codependency and had no idea how severely codependent I truly was. In this season, I was at the end of myself. It was a place I've known many times before but was determined never to find myself here, at least when it comes to codependent relationships, again. My counsellor is a Christian who was recommended to me by a couple of my Christian friends. He's an amazing counsellor and although he prays for all of his clients beforehand and the presence of the Holy Spirit is undeniable in that room, our conversations are often just like those between any other counsellor. I've seen counsellors in the past but I truly believe that it was God who brought my counsellor both the natural and supernatural wisdom to help me on this journey.

At the end of April I could barely make it out of bed. For some reasons mornings were hardest, when usually it's the other way around. When I was finally able to roll out of bed I'd find myself sitting on the floor of my living room where I always spent my time with God. From April to September I spent hours with God each day, more than I ever had in my past. I realized that in order to stay motivated, hopeful, and actually allow the scriptures to change me (and boy did I need change in my life!), I needed to organize my prayer life. That's when I came across this post on the blog "Intentional By Grace". I didn't use any of her printables and designed it in more of a way that was best suited for me, but it was her blog post that inspired me. I'm not going to go into more detail today about what I include in my prayer binder but if you're interested, let me know in the comment section and I can do that in the future.

A while back I posted something on my Instagram Story about one of the sheets I included in my prayer binder- a list of all scriptures about fear. I had a ton of people messaging me wanting a copy of it. I realized that I should share these, and other key sheets I made for my own personal use, because they helped get me through my darkest moments.

It wouldn't let me upload these in their original PDF or Word documents so I had to use a PDF to JPG converter. They include all the scriptures that I could find that directly mention the 3 themes I needed to focus on: healing, tackling fear, and finding peace. Feel free to use these as you wish: to reflect on from time to time, to save on your phone, to print off and put in a binder like my own, or to print out and tape around your house.

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