August 15, 2018

If you've been following me on Instagram for the past year, you'll know that I've been trying everything under the sun to get my skin under control. I deal with acne, keratosis pilaris, atrophic scars from EDS, hyperpigmentation, mild localized psoriasis, and specific cystic acne scars on my shoulders, arms, and back. I developed cystic acne on my face, shoulders, arms, chest, and back when I developed a thyroid tumor. The scars this acne left behind prompted me to wear shirts with long sleeves (baggy t-shirts or cardigans) for two years. I was so insecure that I'd go out in a light beachy kimono/cardigan...

January 21, 2018

Today, January 20th 2018, is my 4 year anniversary of the day I got sick with POTS. In honour of that, I wanted to finally share my POTS journey from start to finish! I first started with my life before POTS in which I still suffered with mild to moderate daily symptoms and severe, but localized, chronic pain here. Now I'm going to share my story from January 20th 2014 until now. It's a lengthy task but a blessed honour. I often get asked about the symptoms I experienced, how I knew it was POTS, and what treatments I've received over the years and hopefully by sharing my story I will be able to offer pers...

January 19, 2018

I’m often asked to share my entire story about my journey with POTS and just never got around to it. I always plan on getting to it, but the task sounded daunting to say the least. Where would I start? How could I give my story justice? I’ve told bits and pieces here and there to countless doctors that the whole process became medicalized. It no longer became my story, or a testimony, but a statistic. I’ve become quite disconnected from my story- perhaps because of the trauma it caused, perhaps because I have a very poor memory, or perhaps because of both. Writing out my POTS story became another thing on...

December 7, 2017

I don't know about you but I always feel about 5 years behind on my to-do list. I've had to simplify my life a lot to accommodate life with a chronic illness and the holidays are no exception. Next week I have final exams and then I have a week before Christmas. Christmas is by far my favourite season- everything about it has always been absolutely magical to me. However, with multiple family get-togethers condensed into a couple of days, I have to save energy wherever I can. Thankfully I've already completed all of my Christmas shopping to avoid any lines, but the Christmas to-do list keeps scrolling thr...

December 1, 2017

One thing that's been really important to me since getting sick is comfort: I buy products to achieve it and I focus my self-care all around it. When you're chronically ill your body is doing anything and everything but making you comfortable. So whether it's a heating pad that goes on the exact right parts of my neck or applying cooling wipes that get the job done, I'd invest big bucks to find any tiny bit of comfort.

Throw in a flare, a late night ER trip with loud noises, bright lights, sleep deprivation, and doctors uneducated on your illness and I'll quickly become in my most uncomfortable state. Afte...

November 10, 2017

"Well look on the bright side of it,"

"be positive"

" least it's not..."

"you just need to choose to be happy"

"change your thoughts and you'll change your world"

"you have to want to get better."

Those of us who suffer with a chronic illness experience this dilemma all the time: do we open up about what we're going through, or do we keep silent knowing they probably won't understand, or even worse, they won't try to understand. It can be discouraging to open up to someone about what we're going through only to hear statements like those above. These suggestions ultimately tell us "I know ho...

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