June 7, 2018

When I first got sick, my daily symptoms were a living hell. Throw in doctors who think you’re crazy because they can’t find anything wrong with you and you soon realize that rock bottom has a basement. Surviving the initial shock and trauma of developing POTS takes everything out of you. You’re at your weakest moment but have to muster up the strength to fight to be heard, fight to be believed, and fight to get treatment. It's infuriating, it's frustrating, and it's just not fair.

It’s pretty bad that experiencing trauma at the hands of doctors who vow to “do no harm” has become some sort o...

February 22, 2018

**TW: medical PTSD, medical malpractice**

Hey there! If you haven't heard, January 20th 2018 was my four year anniversary of developing POTS. In honour of that, I've decided to finally share my entire story in hopes that it might help even one person. It's been a lengthy, traumatic, and grace-covered story so I divided it into parts: part 1, part 2 and today part 3.

Today I'll specifically be starting with a chapter of my story that I think many people with POTS will relate to: a lengthy hospitalization, medical trauma, medication side effects, doctors who don't understand, and the relief of finally being d...

February 8, 2018

The POTS Treatment Center uses HeartMath's EmWave Pro program. However, I have experience with all 3 of the programs they sell: the EmWave2, the EmWave Pro, and their Inner Balance smartphone technology. I will be reviewing all of HeartMath's programs throughout this post. HeartMath was NOT designed with POTS or other Dysautonomia conditions in mind. The founder of HeartMath has a PhD in Psychology and designed his program with anxiety and chronic pain patients in mind.

In March 2015 I flew from BC, Canada to Dallas, Texas to what's known as the "POTS Treatment Center" to receive treatment approximately on...

January 21, 2018

Today, January 20th 2018, is my 4 year anniversary of the day I got sick with POTS. In honour of that, I wanted to finally share my POTS journey from start to finish! I first started with my life before POTS in which I still suffered with mild to moderate daily symptoms and severe, but localized, chronic pain here. Now I'm going to share my story from January 20th 2014 until now. It's a lengthy task but a blessed honour. I often get asked about the symptoms I experienced, how I knew it was POTS, and what treatments I've received over the years and hopefully by sharing my story I will be able to offer pers...

December 14, 2017

It's an all too familiar situation when you're chronically ill: you show up at a new doctor's appointment desperate for answers, relief, and empathy. We try not to get our hopes up too high because we know what it's like to be let down by doctors time and time again. Whether the doctor just doesn't know how to help you, is apathetic, does the bare minimum in terms of care, or doesn't believe you, it all hurts the same. In the Canadian medical system we wait anywhere from a few months to a few years to see a specialist so if they end up disappointing us, we have no idea how long it'll be until we can see a...

December 1, 2017

One thing that's been really important to me since getting sick is comfort: I buy products to achieve it and I focus my self-care all around it. When you're chronically ill your body is doing anything and everything but making you comfortable. So whether it's a heating pad that goes on the exact right parts of my neck or applying cooling wipes that get the job done, I'd invest big bucks to find any tiny bit of comfort.

Throw in a flare, a late night ER trip with loud noises, bright lights, sleep deprivation, and doctors uneducated on your illness and I'll quickly become in my most uncomfortable state. Afte...

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