June 20, 2018

Heat intolerance is one of the few POTS symptoms I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I went to a Catholic private school for all of elementary and high school which involved wearing a uniform. In high school I remember being so uncomfortable with my white polo shirt and kilt in the winter because I thought it was too hot. My friends complained of our school being too cold and opted to wear the black uniform jacket and tights instead of the knee-high socks I wore instead. By the end of every single school day, I had a headache and was sweating. My mom would pick up my brothers and I and I would sit in...

June 13, 2018

In honour of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome awareness month (May) I created a daily fact series on my Instagram @StrongerThanPots. This week I thought I'd share all of those facts in one place so they can be easily accessed for future reference, and shared to spread awareness. As referenced on the pictures, I used many sources for the information provided below. The most frequently quoted source is The Ehlers-Danlos Society.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Fact 1:

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is an inherited disorder.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is an inherited connective tissue disorder. Connective tissue is the glue that holds...

June 7, 2018

When I first got sick, my daily symptoms were a living hell. Throw in doctors who think you’re crazy because they can’t find anything wrong with you and you soon realize that rock bottom has a basement. Surviving the initial shock and trauma of developing POTS takes everything out of you. You’re at your weakest moment but have to muster up the strength to fight to be heard, fight to be believed, and fight to get treatment. It's infuriating, it's frustrating, and it's just not fair.

It’s pretty bad that experiencing trauma at the hands of doctors who vow to “do no harm” has become some sort o...

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